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Wishing you a Merry Christmas…

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Designers / Programmers…

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Sanda Design are always on the look out for talented creative people and programmers.

If you’re interested with working with us, send over a CV to [email protected]

Another reason to get your company logo right…

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Google recently announced company logos will soon start appearing in it’s search result pages. This is good news for your company, if you have great logo you will have more chance of attracting visitors to your website.

When thinking about your logo, it should visually look good, be unique, be flexible enough to scale to a range of sizes and work in a variety of different formats, from mobile phone apps to advertising boards, and now Google search pages!

But logo design isn’t just about creating a pretty visual, it’s also about developing a brand and communicating your company position.

Also remember your logo is only a small part of your brand. Your brand is your company image, from your company strategy to the way you speak and interact with your customers, all these play a big part of your brand.

If you require our help with branding or a rebrand please get in touch.

Twitter page…

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Our twitter page is now up and running – check it out at Twitter is a great marketing tool for any business, it allows you to easily interact with your client/customer base. You could use Twitter to market a new product, give away promotions or receive customer feedback on a service, the list goes on. With more and more companies using Twitter as a tool, why not give it ago yourself.

If you require our help with Social Media marketing or any marketing campaigns, please get in touch.

Our design process…

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We thought we would share with you our typical design process when taking on a new project. The project could be anything from web or print, but it doesn’t really matter – because our process starts the same regardless. The process is broken down into five sections:


The planning is critical to the success of any design/marketing project, great planning will often make a project more successful.


From research we understand the project objectives, our client and their target market.


Once we have a clear strategy in place, we develop our campaign idea into a finished concept that can be tested, amended and developed into an exciting finished product.


Once our concept is completed and approved by our client, it’s time to launch.


But Sanda Design doesn’t stop there, we like to know that the project has been a success and met its objectives. This is where we see all our hard work has been worth it.

If you have a project that we might be able to help you with, please get in touch with us.

Our brand spanking new website goes live!

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Welcome to the new Sanda Design website…

After many cups of tea and lots of lines of code produced… We finally have our new website up and running. The website will be used to let people know of the services we have to offer, as well as showing you the latest work we are producing and also the latest news from around the studio. Feel free to have a look around the place! (And come back soon!)

This website uses the latest WordPress technology with a content managed system in the background, which allows for easy changes and blog updates. If you would like a website similar to ours (or completely different!) please get in touch.